If you have platinum that you are interested in selling, bring it to us and you will be paid the highest price for it anywhere in the area. You may have platinum and not even realize it. Much jewelry was produced in platinum throughout the early part of the last century and has regained popularity again recently. Due to the fact of it being a white metal, people do not recognize it. Platinum is usually 90 to 95 percent fine unlike gold, where 14k is less than 60 percent fine. It has become symbolic of the highest level of achievement due to its rarity and value, as in platinum recordings or platinum American Express Cards.

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If you have any jewelry with diamonds or other precious stones that you thought was silver, there is a good chance it may be platinum or possibly white gold. Silver was not generally used with precious gems. Look for platinum in the following pieces:

• Rings – Many diamond rings from the early part of the 20th century were set in platinum as were other stones.
• Pins and brooches – Any white metal piece that does not tarnish may be platinum
• Necklaces and bracelets – These are also made of platinum especially from the 1920s and 30s.
• Watches – Especially small ladies wrist watches from the early and mid 20th century
• Lab equipment and wire – Due to its high melting point and corrosion resistance platinum is used is lab tools and in some electrical wire.

There was resurgence in platinum jewelry popularity that began in the late 70s and continues today. Look for it among vintasge jewelry in thrift stores and in you old unwanted pieces.

If you keep a discerning eye you may be able to cash in on the high price of platinum. When you find it you know where to bring it for the best prices anywhere. If you have a piece of jewelry that is made of white metal and is not marked we will test and appraise it for you free of charge with no obligation. We are here to serve you and we will do what it takes to accommodate. We truly look forward to serving you today and in the future.