Pawn Brokers

Pawnbrokers in the Staten Island area come to us with the pieces they purchase, because they know we pay the highest for gold, silver, watches, diamonds and other precious metals around. When you are searching for a refiner there are some out there, but none of them come close the giving the percentage that we do for your jewelry. Pawnbrokers come to us with long term relationships when the time comes to liquidate their supply so you should consider us as well. Platinum, watches even coins, call us today and we'll schedule an appointment for you to come and see for yourself.


Sterling silver is something else that we will buy at the highest percentage based on the current stock prices. Here are some tips to know if you have real sterling silver or not. Sterling will actually have the word "sterling" or ".925" engraved on them. If it is not then you could have silver plated which has no melted value.

Silver flatware is not just for the bridal register anymore. When you inherit a set of sterling silver flatware it can end up being a larger burden than what you get out of it, especially when you factor in all the time it takes to polish it, to keep it tarnish free for the special family dinners. Silver prices are on the rise and sterling silver flatware has melt value that we give to you with the highest percentage rate in cash. So bring your unwanted silver down to us in Staten Island or if you're not in the area you can mail it in to us and get the same great price. You get rid of a hassle and you also walk away with a hand full of cash.


Believe it or not Platinum is our specialty; we are equipped with the ability to handle this as well and pay you top dollar for your platinum. Right now platinum is worth more than gold so for your quote call us. We take all kinds of pieces.